You know, I understand that Smashwords has to set limits on what sort of files they can and can not accept. I get it. But man is it frustrating to go through their Meatgrinder app and end up with something that doesn’t look as good as what I can create myself.

The technology is there but the integration isn’t… yet. I won’t let myself get too worked up over it because we are still in the young days of the digital revolution. It is not unusual for us to be hitting rough spots along the way.

Won’t it be nice when this is behind us? I mean, I have all sorts of ideas for taking advantage of the e-format for books, of trying new things that simply can’t be done with a paper book. I tried to push things a bit by incorporating endnotes into Valda & the Valkyries. I went kind of meta with them, explaining some of the thought processes I went through in writing the book. It is not something I would recommend people check out on their first read through – it would break the flow of the narrative too much, it would smash the heck out of the “fourth wall.” But hyperlinks do give us an interesting way to add what is essentially a “author’s commentary” track to books. I’m excited to see if others start doing this, too, or coming up with even wilder things.

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