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author of the Valda & the Valkyries series


Knotty Issues

Norse_circle_weave1I am still in the process of developing my knotwork skills. Mainly I feel that my stuff has been too mechanical up until now and I am trying to bring more of an organic feel to it. This isn’t the easiest thing to do considering that I create the art with a vector drawing program, but I can see some signs of it starting to loosen up finally. I just drew a simple framing device this week. My ultimate goal is to do more figurative stuff like people and dragons but for now I am focusing on building the basic skills.

Thor’s Hammer

Thor_hammerI’ve been wanting to make some art based on various cool Thor’s hammer pendants that I have been seeing around the web. (This one and some of these, for example.)  I have started and stopped this project a number of times always ending up unhappy with the results. This week I think I finally have it. The base design of the face is mostly a riff on the first link above although I added a good bit of knot work into the mix along with the lightning bolts and one of Thor’s magic gauntlets. I’ll have to leave it to another week to go back and add some better colors and texture to it.

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