Skadi at YuleHi folks, it is that time of year again when the days reach their shortest length and the wheel starts turning again to bring us back towards the light of summer. Winter has been cold this year but I haven’t had to deal with anything as brutal as the 15 degrees below zero F that my friend John woke up to in Maine.

I did a piece of art for the Norse Mythology blog’s Midwinter Art Contest. Now that the contest is over and Yule is actually here I wanted to share the piece with you all. I can see my work and my style as an artist developing. I once had a producer friend of mine comment that what she liked about my work was that it morphed to fit whatever style was needed for the project. That’s good for a graphic designer but not so good for an artist who wants to develop their own visual voice and style.

I chose Skadi as my subject matter. Being the goddess of winter she was the first thing that popped into my mind. I have her wearing something a little dressier than her usual hunting attire since I  imagined her heading out to a Yule feast. The Yule Goat that she is examining is similar to the ones I have made for some of my friends this year. The knot work in the background expresses the idea of Midwinter for me: the icy snowflake dominates the scene but at the heart of it the sun, representing Summer, is ready to begin the yearly cycle once again.
Happy holidays, everyone!