I recently finished reading the Kindle version of¬†A History of Weapons: Crossbows, Caltrops, Catapults & Lots of Other Things that Can Seriously Mess You Up by John O’Bryan. I have mixed feelings about this book – which is odd. I jump at the opportunity to read about different ancient weapons. I have lots of books about medieval knights, Vikings, obscure Chinese throwing weapons, ¬†Indonesian and Filipino martial weapons. I even have catalogs from museum arms and armor exhibits. A book like this should be right up my alley – but it isn’t.

I can’t recommend this book because of O’Bryan’s language. He is going for a humorous approach. The subtitle drops a not so subtle hint. Any time you see a subtitle that contains the phrase “seriously mess you up” you can assume it is not going to be a dry, scholarly work, right? There is nothing wrong with that – if you want to have fun with your subject then go right ahead and have some fun. Unfortunately, O’Bryan’s idea of fun is to use the f-word over and over again to the point where it becomes tiresome. It strikes me as a young kid trying to prove how cool he is by cursing as often as he can. That is a shame because there are some funny lines that don’t contain any profanity elsewhere in the book. I’m not saying that people can’t curse. It’s just that O’Bryan’s use of curses seems needless and, ultimately, repetitive. That’s a shame because without the profanity this would have been a great book for younger kids interested in the subject.