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smallVGTHI have a giveaway running now on Goodreads. Two signed print copies of my book Valda Goes Through Hel are up for grabs. You have until the end of the month to sign up for your chance to win. Contest is open to the US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Valda Goes Through Hel

VGTHsmallYes, I put a young girl through Hel and wrote a book about it. ūüôā¬†The Kindle edition is¬†finally up on Amazon (You can buy¬†it here) and a print version will be following shortly. Here’s the cover copy:

The young Dwarven girl Valda is finally and truly a Valkyrie. She has earned her place as a servant of the Norse gods. She is finally free to travel beyond her ancient mountain home. That’s when Odin sends her on a mission that brings her straight back to her ancient mountain home.

There she discovers Draugr, the zombies of the Norse world, are threatening the city. Her search for the person behind this threat takes her all the way to Hel, the land of the dead. She can at least be grateful that Loki isn’t the one behind this deadly plot. Then she learns that the Trickster is the only one who can help her stop the undead threat. How can she find her biggest enemy and convince him to help her?

This adventure has our spunky Dwarven Valkyrie going through figurative Hel as she receives one of the worst punishments a Dwarf can suffer. Then she journeys to the literal Norse land of the Dead and meets it’s queen – ¬†Hela.

This book is part of the Valda & the Valkyrie series, an ongoing story that takes you on a wild ride, galloping through the people and places of Norse mythology, while throwing in plenty of twists and turns that stay true to the spirit of the sagas. The series is suitable for readers of all ages who are looking for a light-hearted, adventurous story.

Vikings on Pinterest

Viking longship by Flickr user Jomme

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Pinterest. It is a social networking site that focuses on sharing cool images with other users. When you find an image or article that you like you can pin it – kind of like making a bookmark for it. The nice thing about Pinterest is you can then organize boards that collect together your pins based around a particular theme. Other people can then follow those boards and see what you’re up to.

As you can probably guess, I follow a lot of boards that feature Viking themes and Valkyrie artwork. There are some really stunning images out there that I would not have run across if I wasn’t on Pinterest. (Like the awesome picture I’m using for this post.)

My own boards feature my artwork or neat images I’ve found. I also like to start a board for whatever book project I am involved in (or just thinking about.) I pin stuff that I find inspirational or might want to use for reference at a later date.

Here are a few boards that I think you should check out:

Modern Viking Crafts – modern day interpretations of traditional Viking work

Norse – a nice mix of new and old Viking-related items from tools to posters and funny images

Viking – Anglo-Saxons – lots of great illustrations and really good photos of people in authentic dress from these two ancient cultures

Go on and check them out. If you have any favorite boards, show them some love by posting a link in the comments.

Another View of Valda

dwarfvalkyrieEvery now and then I run across an artist doing commissions and I have them draw up their version of what a Dwarven Valkyrie would look like. Here is the latest one from Stephanie Soderberg, LuLuLunaBuna on DeviantArt. I love the attitude in the facial expression and in the stance of the character.

For me, one of the cool things about being an artist is seeing how other people take such different approaches to the same subject. I really noticed the striking differences the most when I was teaching my Computer Art course way back when and could see side by side the different graphic solutions my students would create for their projects.

If you’d care to take a stab at illustrating your own version of a Dwarven Valkyrie I’d love to see what you create.

Valkyrie Art

Hey, it’s Thursday so it’s time to post some Norse-themed art. Once again, this is in a different style from some of the stuff I have posted before. I can’t help it. Like Whitman said “I contain multitudes.” Except in my case it appears to be multitudes of artists who can’t decide on one way to draw things.

This stylized valkyrie was part of the background on the original cover for my book Valda & the Valkyries. I decided to polish her up and give her the spotlight treatment today.

Guest post at Viking Runes blog

Arthur Rackham painting for The Ring of the Niblung

Just a quick mention that I did a guest post for the Viking Rune blog. You can find my article on the Valkyries here. It’s a bit more in-depth than the posts I write for my own blog.

And while you’re there you should check out some of the cool stuff on Victor’s site. There is a rune converter that will change your name or other English words into any of several different rune alphabets. There’s a app you can use to make your own Viking motto in Old Norse. He also has some interesting articles on different Viking runes and even an analysis of the Norse mythology links in the Max Payne video games and movie. Check it out!

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