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Nine Worlds Travel – Muspellsheim

Muspell_postcardHey folks, this week’s retro travel poster/Norse myth mashup* brings us to Muspellsheim. Although I don’t think you would have much of a tourist industry in a land that is “too luminous and glowing for foreigners to enter there.” That’s what the Eddas say about the place. Basically if you weren’t born there or part fire-demon, you can’t stand the heat – even if it is a dry heat.

*That’s something you won’t find just anyplace on the web.

Nine Worlds Travel – Niflheim

NiflheimTravelWhile considering what kind of Norse-inspired art to do this week,  I thought it would be fun to do some vintage-looking travel posters for each of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Since I just posted some fast facts about Niflheim the other day I decided to start out with the land of primordial cold. I found a number of cool posters online for the different Nordic countries to give me some inspiration and dove into the piece.

That retro look I was going for uses big bold shapes and fairly simple outlines so I fired up Illustrator and got right to it. I was really happy with the results. It was bold, it had a nice icy palette, my mountains and snowscape were nice and crisp and bleak. I added Hela, rocking a dark green dress. All it needed was the text. I found a cool font and typed out Niflheim – Abode of Mists. That’s when it hit me – I didn’t have any mist at all in my picture! Niflheim translates as home of mists or misty lands and I had created this crisp, clear landscape.

Not a major problem because in addition to Illustrator I have Photoshop. We’ll just slide the artwork over there and add some nice mist. And it was easy, but then I decided I needed a little texture for the snowfield. Again, not that hard. So I decided I needed a little texture for the mountains. Then the text needed some fixing. Then… Photoshop locked up! Something is wiggy with the text engine and it crashes every time I try to do anything. I’m running an older version that isn’t supported anymore and it has always been a bit rough on Win7. Hopefully I’ll be able to work past this little hiccup later on. For now I went back into Illustrator and added some not-quite-as-good mist effects. So after considerable rambling, we have this week’s Norse inspired art and will hopefully have an enhanced version of it sometime soon.

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