TheRedScareNo, we’re not talking about politics and that little era of insanity certain elements of the United States went through – we’re talking about the guy from Villains, Inc. In The Tick comic universe there was an organization called Villains, Inc. This was obviously a consortium of evil super villains bent on taking over the world, right? Wrong! (You have read The Tick, haven’t you?) Villains, Inc was basically a rent-a-villain shop. If you were an aspiring hero looking to make a name for yourself you could pay to have a costumed crook wreak some havoc and then allow you to defeat him in an epic staged battle. The Tick would never stoop so low, but a hero-wannabe named Fast Guy was more than willing. Unfortunately for Running Guy, The Tick came across the pseudo Soviet first and proceeded to beat him up pretty good. There are a number of great lines in this comic but one of the best has to be when Running Guy shows up to find the Tick battling the bad guy he has paid for and reacts like this:


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  Posted by Mark Neumayer