StandingDesk (Small)This is the 99th post here at As I have approached post number 100 on the blog I have been thinking a lot about why I do this and what I want to do going forward from this point. I have also been trying to pick up on the intersections between what you all like to read and what I like to create.

You might have noticed that I rarely blog about the process of my writing. Yes, I write novels and I have them up for sale and I would be immensely happy if lots and lots of people bought them. But I think there are way too many writers out there already who delight in sharing the minutiae of daily word count and every other imaginable detail of their writing lives. That just isn’t me.

I like to share cool things I have run across online, point out odd things I see in the myths, or highlight an artist that is doing great work. I’ll post my own artwork as well although I am the first one to admit that I am still developing in that area. It has all been a lot more fun than I thought it would be and that is what I want to keep in mind going forward from here: this should be fun for you and for me.

I am going to break with my usual trend and share a tiny bit of my process today. This is my new writing space. It is in the same room where my wife makes and ages her handmade soaps so the place smells great. We had a stack of scrap wood in the shed. I have been wanting a stand-up writing desk for some time. This past week I put those two things together and came up with this desk. Not the fanciest thing in the world. It is a little clunky in shape because the wood wasn’t long enough and I had to splice a lot of it together. But it works like a charm and I am very happy with the stand-up writing experience. I have got a chair standing by in case I get too tired. However I cranked through a 1,500 word session the other day without a problem so things are looking good right now.

I am putting together something special for post #100.  Still a bit of polish to go on it but I will be sharing it soon. See you then.