Alright this week we have another space-faring comic character – Marvel Comics’ Nova! Whenever I do one of these pictures I always cruise the web to see what kind of reference material I can find. It is a lot easier than digging through the hundreds of comics I own to find a particular issue. During that research I invariably end up spending way too much time reading web page accounts of the character. I know this character but I pretty much know the 1970s version of the character – that makes for a few decades of backstory to catch up on. I’m not just doing the old-school costume to be a hipster. I’m doing the costume that looks right to me because that’s the one I remember.

I’m not sure about his lower body in this pic. I’m still experimenting with the style for drawing these, trying to find my own balance of classic kawaii proportions.  See you next time!

Posted by Mark Neumayer