Valentine’s Day is only a week away and I used that as my inspiration for this week’s Norse-themed artwork. I started off by searching the net for any links between Valentine’s Day and the Norse. As with most things on the net, I found stuff out there but I’m not sure how much of it I can trust. There are pages saying the holiday is actually named after a Norse saint named Galantin and the G is pronounced like a V. Other pages say the name is a corruption of Vali, Odin’s son who was an archer god (shades of Cupid?) The best part, and I am using the word ironically, is that these pages hardly ever back up their assertions with references.

However I did come across this page which talks about a 12th century weaving tool that had the following runic inscription carved onto it:

Think of me, I think of you. Love me, I love you.

Isn’t that sweet? The piece was found at the Bryggen site in Norway and you can see a little more information about it here.

This was the perfect springboard for me and helped me decide that this week’s art should be something a little more useful than what I normally do. So I put together the below graphic. Save the graphic to your computer. Print it out on a sheet of stiff 8.5×11 paper and then simply fold it in half and you have your very own Norse-ish Valentine card to share with someone you love. I went with a black and white graphic so you can color it yourself or just leave it plain. (I know the knot-work is a bit more Celtic than Norse. I’m still working on developing more of that free-form feel of the Norse knot-work into my art.)

I hope you all enjoy this.