AcroyearKawaiiI’ve talked about drawing more characters with hair to push my skills but this is one character I couldn’t resist. There are a number of reasons why the character appeals to me. Part of it is nostalgia since I have fond memories of the first two years of the old Marvel Comics edition. Yeah, it was about a set of toys, but Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden created a really epic adventure from the thinnest of premises. I owned maybe two or three of the toys. They weren’t the main attraction for me. I just liked reading a nicely drawn epic adventure

I also dig the armor. Yes, it is kind of silly. Just think of the neck muscles you would need to hold that thing up all day long, not to mention how easy it would be for your opponents to grab it and pull you off balance. But I don’t care. I’m willing to suspend disbelief up to a certain point and Acroyear’s design edged up to that point without going over it for me.

That’s it for this Saturday. See you next time!


The backstory was pretty cool too. Basically, the prince of an entire, sentient world is betrayed by his own brother and cast into prison of a prince of an entire world of reading the old Micronauts comics from the very first issue up through the end of theĀ  f to get my muse fired up. But the second reason why I figured it was time to draw her was the hair. I have tended to avoid drawing characters with hair but Delirium has hair that is wild enough and strange enough that I figured it was a good choice to ease myself in to the world of kawaii styling. See you next time!

Posted by Mark Neumayer