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Doctor Strange

Dr_StrangeGetting a little Saturday superhero action in here. Today, for the second time, we are featuring a kawaii version of a doctor – Doctor Strange, Master of the Manly Mustache, I mean Master of the Mystic Arts. Seriously, though, the man rocks that facial hair. You can try drawing him without it but he just isn’t the same. My version owes most of its look to the classic Steve Ditko design. Part of my fondness for the character might be due to the fact that I could reasonably pull off a Doctor Strange cosplay (except for the levitation part.) I don’t have a huge number of his comics but I like the ones I do have.
If you want to see the different versions of the costume that he has worn over the years check out this web page.


DoctorDoom_kawaiiHey folks, I’ve talked before about trying to do more illustrations of characters with hair. I have been a lot better about that, but not this week, because this week the doctor is in – Doctor Doom! No visible hair on this guy, that is for sure.

I have a soft spot for Jack Kirby character designs and I have a lot of fond memories of reading Fantastic Four issues that featured the tyrannical ruler of Latveria so it was only natural that I would do a kawaii version of the character at some point. It is more fun for me to do cutesy versions of the evil guys anyway. Remember, it isn’t really a picture of Doctor Doom if he isn’t shaking his fist. Can’t you just imagine him shouting “I shall defeat the accursed Fantastic Four. Doom is supreme!”

Puff Adder from the Serpent Society

PuffAdderTomorrow is the Chinese New Year and kicks off the Year of the Snake. So for this week’s super Saturday drawing I have plucked a character from the ranks of Marvel Comics’ Serpent Society. I’m featuring Puff Adder. Yes, he is kind of lame as a super-villain, but how could I resist this guy? Just look at the detail on the costume. And he’s already wearing a kawaii kind of animal hat! Plus it is especially fun to take the rough and tough bad guys and give them the cutesy treatment.

See you next time!

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Acroyear, Warrior King of Spartak

AcroyearKawaiiI’ve talked about drawing more characters with hair to push my skills but this is one character I couldn’t resist. There are a number of reasons why the character appeals to me. Part of it is nostalgia since I have fond memories of the first two years of the old Marvel Comics edition. Yeah, it was about a set of toys, but Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden created a really epic adventure from the thinnest of premises. I owned maybe two or three of the toys. They weren’t the main attraction for me. I just liked reading a nicely drawn epic adventure

I also dig the armor. Yes, it is kind of silly. Just think of the neck muscles you would need to hold that thing up all day long, not to mention how easy it would be for your opponents to grab it and pull you off balance. But I don’t care. I’m willing to suspend disbelief up to a certain point and Acroyear’s design edged up to that point without going over it for me.

That’s it for this Saturday. See you next time!


The backstory was pretty cool too. Basically, the prince of an entire, sentient world is betrayed by his own brother and cast into prison of a prince of an entire world of reading the old Micronauts comics from the very first issue up through the end of theĀ  f to get my muse fired up. But the second reason why I figured it was time to draw her was the hair. I have tended to avoid drawing characters with hair but Delirium has hair that is wild enough and strange enough that I figured it was a good choice to ease myself in to the world of kawaii styling. See you next time!

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Amora the Enchantress

EnchantressAmora, the Enchantress is a long-time foe of Thor in the Marvel comics universe. She has no basis in Norse mythology but I’m not going to hold that against her.

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