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Cosmic Flow coloring page

I haven’t shared a coloring page for a while so here is one of my latest pieces. Just click the link below to get a printable pdf version of the entire artwork. I’ve been developing this style for over ten years. It has obvious roots in Celtic and Norse knotwork but goes off in a direction all my own.


New Coloring Book

DigitalWeavesThe little coloring project that I was working on is finally ready to go. Digital Weaves: Vector Graphic Coloring Pages Inspired by Ancient Knot-work is now available at Here is the back cover copy:

Coloring therapy might be a new buzz word but the idea of coloring to reduce stress isn’t – Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist had patients color in pictures 100 years ago. Various forms of decorative knot-work have been used for centuries. From the intricate cording of the Chinese to the illuminated manuscripts of the Celts to the wildly imaginative carvings of the Norse, these patterns of lines have provided an endless source of fascination. Digital Weaves combines these two ideas into one book that soothes the mind. It uses the newest digital technology to create stunningly complicated artwork inspired by the knots of old. Ease away your stress and tension as you indulge your inner artist.

Love Can Be a Knotty Thing

hearts2015It is Valentine’s Day – time to keep up the tradition and post a holiday-themed page of color-able knotwork pattern. The page is sized to fit 8.5×11 paper. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image. Feel free to share this page with those you love.

Knots on my Brain

winged swordI’ve been cranking out a lot of knotwork patterns lately – nearly 3 dozen as a matter of fact. It’s all part of what I hope will be a coloring book that comes out in 2015. An element in one of the patterns I created reminded me of a wing. I started playing around with it tonight and worked up this design. I think it would make a nice pendant – what about you?

Happy Holidays!

tree_weaveIt has been a crazy busy season for me – I work part-time at a big box store unloading trucks and there has been literal tons of stuff to unload lately. I’ve also been doing some craft work for stuff over on my Etsy store and working on a whole bunch of knotwork style pictures for a coloring book project that I hope to pull together in the coming year.

But for right now I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. I was up in the wee hours of the morning and put together this coloring page that you all can feel free to print out and share./ I hope the holidays and the new year find you and yours happy and healthy!

Knotwork Dragon

dragonflame3One of my goals for the year is to bring a more organic feel to my art. That’s not the easiest thing to do considering most of my art is created in vector programs. So I have been lugging a sketchbook around with me and trying to draw more during my lunch breaks. I have been drawing a lot of dragons lately and trying to model them after some of the animals in old Norse knotwork. (I can also see some Aztec/Mayan influence in there as well.) I did a quick color and ink job on one of the sketches and wanted to share it with you all. It is rough but I think I am heading in the right direction.

Digital Knot-work

out-there2I’ve always found it very relaxing to create knot-work on the computer. I just get lost in the act of creating the intricate over and under weaves. One of the best parts of doing this digitally is the ever-so-sueful undo button. You better believe I get a lot of use out of that when I am creating some of these more complex pieces.

When I woke up this morning the full moon was shining brightly in a clear, cold sky and that Wolf Moon put me in a mood to make some art. I found this particular piece already started in one of my computer folders. I had laid out the basics of it years ago but for some reason never went ahead and finished it off. So I finished it up, redoing the very center but keeping the rest of it the same.

Instead of coloring this one right away I wanted to share it as a black and white image so those of you who wanted to could color it yourselves. Enjoy!

Yule is coming

ColoringSnowflakeHi folks, It is December and the holiday season is gearing up. I have been crazy busy since in addition to helping homeschool my son and writing and doing graphic design work I also work part-time unloading trucks for a big-box store. As you might imagine, we have been moving literal tons of stuff. While I do buy people things I also try to make a little something for my friends and family. It really helps me get into the spirit of the season to put something of myself into what I give.

My spirits have also been helped by a little extra project I took on – I entered Norse Myth’s Midwinter Art Contest. I’ll share the artwork I did for that on December 21 but in the meantime I wanted to share a tiny part of it with my readers. I worked up a snowflake knot work design that was incorporated into the background of my contest entry and I went ahead and worked it a little more to create a new coloring page. Like most of my knot work, it leans a little more towards Celtic influence than any of the Norse styles as far as the design goes. The elaborate crystalline snowflake has a small sun element at the center of it to remind all of us of the cycle of things. Print it out and share it with your kids (or just color it in yourself.)

Knotty Issues

Norse_circle_weave1I am still in the process of developing my knotwork skills. Mainly I feel that my stuff has been too mechanical up until now and I am trying to bring more of an organic feel to it. This isn’t the easiest thing to do considering that I create the art with a vector drawing program, but I can see some signs of it starting to loosen up finally. I just drew a simple framing device this week. My ultimate goal is to do more figurative stuff like people and dragons but for now I am focusing on building the basic skills.

Thor’s Hammer

Thor_hammerI’ve been wanting to make some art based on various cool Thor’s hammer pendants that I have been seeing around the web. (This one and some of these, for example.)  I have started and stopped this project a number of times always ending up unhappy with the results. This week I think I finally have it. The base design of the face is mostly a riff on the first link above although I added a good bit of knot work into the mix along with the lightning bolts and one of Thor’s magic gauntlets. I’ll have to leave it to another week to go back and add some better colors and texture to it.

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