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Happy Holidays!

tree_weaveIt has been a crazy busy season for me – I work part-time at a big box store unloading trucks and there has been literal tons of stuff to unload lately. I’ve also been doing some craft work for stuff over on my Etsy store and working on a whole bunch of knotwork style pictures for a coloring book project that I hope to pull together in the coming year.

But for right now I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. I was up in the wee hours of the morning and put together this coloring page that you all can feel free to print out and share./ I hope the holidays and the new year find you and yours happy and healthy!

Digital Knotwork Coloring Page

free_weave1Here is another of what I call my “digital knotwork” pieces for you to print and color. I always find it very meditative to work on these pieces and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Knotwork Dragon

dragonflame3One of my goals for the year is to bring a more organic feel to my art. That’s not the easiest thing to do considering most of my art is created in vector programs. So I have been lugging a sketchbook around with me and trying to draw more during my lunch breaks. I have been drawing a lot of dragons lately and trying to model them after some of the animals in old Norse knotwork. (I can also see some Aztec/Mayan influence in there as well.) I did a quick color and ink job on one of the sketches and wanted to share it with you all. It is rough but I think I am heading in the right direction.

Yule is coming

ColoringSnowflakeHi folks, It is December and the holiday season is gearing up. I have been crazy busy since in addition to helping homeschool my son and writing and doing graphic design work I also work part-time unloading trucks for a big-box store. As you might imagine, we have been moving literal tons of stuff. While I do buy people things I also try to make a little something for my friends and family. It really helps me get into the spirit of the season to put something of myself into what I give.

My spirits have also been helped by a little extra project I took on – I entered Norse Myth’s Midwinter Art Contest. I’ll share the artwork I did for that on December 21 but in the meantime I wanted to share a tiny part of it with my readers. I worked up a snowflake knot work design that was incorporated into the background of my contest entry and I went ahead and worked it a little more to create a new coloring page. Like most of my knot work, it leans a little more towards Celtic influence than any of the Norse styles as far as the design goes. The elaborate crystalline snowflake has a small sun element at the center of it to remind all of us of the cycle of things. Print it out and share it with your kids (or just color it in yourself.)

A Knotty Question

gotlandCan any of you pass along some good references for Norse knot-work? I have a great book on drawing Celtic style knot-work but was wondering if there are any good instructional books for the Norse version. I suspect they might be more popular in the Scandinavian countries. My local librarian did help turn me on to¬†THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS OF SCANDINAVIA in the Pagan Time by Hans Hildebrand. I’ve only leafed through it so far but it looks promising. However, I’d love to see more.


Happy Holidays

solsticeMy family and I went to a solstice service last week and I was still in a solstice kind of mood today. So I worked up a little knot-work snowflake while the paint was drying on a couple of projects.

The shopping is done! A little bit of crafting left and a little bit of wrapping after that, but I am basically ready for the holiday and some nice relaxing time with my wife and little boy. I hope everything is going well for all of you and the new year brings many good things to you all.

– Mark

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