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Jack Kirby’s Birthday


Portrait of the King found at

I can’t believe I did not know this before today, but Jack Kirby and I share the same birthday – August 28.  I have always loved his art from the minute I saw it staring out at me from those old spinner racks at the corner drugstore. I would happily plunk down my allowance to get his latest work on Fantastic Four, the Hulk and especially Thor.

Yeah, I’m late to the party this year but I do want to give a shout-out to an incredibly talented and influential artist.


Cover art from Tales of Asgard #1

Here we have the inked pencils for the first issue of Tales of Asgard. You might want to click through to see it large enough to do the piece justice.


Even though Odin would have never called it an “imperial bath” this scene could have happened. The Viking Answer Lady has a post that tells the story of an English cleric complaining about the men of the Danelaw combing their hair, bathing on Saturdays and generally making themselves look good so they could pick up more noble women.kirby


DoctorDoom_kawaiiHey folks, I’ve talked before about trying to do more illustrations of characters with hair. I have been a lot better about that, but not this week, because this week the doctor is in – Doctor Doom! No visible hair on this guy, that is for sure.

I have a soft spot for Jack Kirby character designs and I have a lot of fond memories of reading Fantastic Four issues that featured the tyrannical ruler of Latveria so it was only natural that I would do a kawaii version of the character at some point. It is more fun for me to do cutesy versions of the evil guys anyway. Remember, it isn’t really a picture of Doctor Doom if he isn’t shaking his fist. Can’t you just imagine him shouting “I shall defeat the accursed Fantastic Four. Doom is supreme!”

Big Barda

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for some kawaii superhero art. I was thinking the other day that my doing this every week must be some sort of throwback to the old Saturday morning cartoons I watched as a kid. Yes, young ‘uns, we used to only be able to watch cartoons one day a week when I was little. Oh, the horror!

This week I have another super-heroine for you – Big Barda. She is part of Jack Kirby’s New Gods pantheon so we have a little mix of comics and mythology going on today, which is especially appropriate for this blog. He used a lot of strong female characters in his stories and Big Barda certainly ranks among the top tier of DC characters for power. On top of that, I love Kirby’s designs. He always included so much cool detail into the costumes. It’s really fun to work them up into the kawaii style.

If you want to see more Kirby-influenced art, head on over to to the Kirby-vision blog. Lots of neat work by different artists all offering up their own versions of characters created by the king.  See you next time!

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