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Scareflakes: Ghost edition

scareflakes_ghostsI started playing around with the idea of snowflakes that incorporate different elements of Halloween and have found it to be quite addictive. You’ll find a different one here each day as we lead into the holiday.

I also convert these files for my Cricut machine. We’ll be cutting a bunch of them out of cardstock and using them to help decorate the house for our annual party. Should be fun!

Happy Halloween

Just a little something to go with today’s spooky mood. This goblin-ish character is part creepy and part cute, although I recognize part of the creepiness is do to my lame sculpting skills. 😎 But we never improve at anything unless we try and try again so I still break out the clay every now and then.

My ideas of the holiday are inextricably tied up with my Dad since October 31 is also his birthday. He passed away many years ago and I prefer to think of him on the anniversary of his birth rather than the anniversary of his death. He is still greatly missed and I will be thinking of him even more than usual today and sharing some stories with my own son about the grandfather he never got the chance to meet. One of the things I love about stories, and, by extension, writing, is that ability to introduce you to people you never could have met otherwise. Stories can connect us to these people so that they live and breathe in our minds and our hearts. Creating stories like that is not a bad way at all to spend one’s time.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

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