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Scareflake – DIY version

I made a simplified version of my skull scareflake that you can make for yourself with a printer, paper and some scissors. Basically you will fold up a printed sheet and cut along the gray lines. You need to be close to the lines but don’t worry about being totally exact. Ready? Let’s go!

That is not a blank space up there! I used light gray lines so that they won’t show through the back of your finished paper. This first file is the one you need to print out. Download it to your computer and then print it at full size onto a piece of letter sized paper.

Get your printout and scissors ready.


Fold your paper in half the long way. Make sure your edges meet evenly and that the gray lines are on the outside of the paper.


Now fold the paper in half vertically. Again, make sure the gray lines are on the outside of the folded paper.


Here’s the last fold. Fold the bottom short edge so that it meets the longer side edge at a 45 degree angle. The picture shows this better than I can explain it.


Start cutting along the printed gray lines.


…and cutting…


..and cutting…


Cut out the eye-hole last. Just cut straight along the gray line and work your way around the circular part.


Unfold the finished piece.


Almost there…


You did it! Now make some more.

Getting Crafty

My posting rate slowed down during the holidays because I was working on a few things for friends and family (and working a ton of extra hours at one of my two jobs.) I couldn’t show you any of that stuff until everybody got their gifts, but I wanted to share a couple of things now.


First of all, I am a big Doctor Who fan. So are my wife and one of my best friends John and his girlfriend Marge. So I made some miniature Tardises (Tardi?) that can be used as a fairy door or fridge magnet. They are about 7 inches tall and I made them mostly from bass wood. Standing next to the Tardis in the photo is the little something extra that I made for my wife – a Weeping Angel. This was made from a Polly Pocket doll I got at the store, with a hot glue gun for the details on the wings and the hair. I got the idea from this blog except they used a Barbie doll and I had to make allowances for the size difference. The Weeping Angels are in my favorite Doctor Who episode of all time – Blink. Yes, I know they appear again in a more recent episode, but that episode wasn’t nearly as good as the first one. Blink did not need a sequel.



My friend Lyn has been a huge help with editing for my first book and she was foolish enough to come back for more with my second book, too. As a small token of my appreciation for the huge help she has given me I created this mini-poster and printed it out for her. It features Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman. He was immensely smart and funny and Lyn is a fan of his books so when I came up with the idea this was a no-brainer. Science! Yeah!

We also redecorated my son’s bathroom with an Angry Birds theme so I did a couple of paintings for in there. Then there was the custom superhero logo shirt I made for a nephew and some other odd stuff. A lot of things to make, but a lot of satisfaction for me in making people happy, so it was all definitely worth it.

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