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Cosmic Flow coloring page

I haven’t shared a coloring page for a while so here is one of my latest pieces. Just click the link below to get a printable pdf version of the entire artwork. I’ve been developing this style for over ten years. It has obvious roots in Celtic and Norse knotwork but goes off in a direction all my own.


Digital Weaves invades The Hive

The Hive in downtown Gastonia is now selling copies of Digital Weaves, my coloring book for adults. I am really happy to be partnering with such a cool store. They sell lots of local products: tons of stationary; art supplies; and all kinds of cool gifts. You can even pick up some bars of my wife’s soap there, too.

New Coloring Book

DigitalWeavesThe little coloring project that I was working on is finally ready to go. Digital Weaves: Vector Graphic Coloring Pages Inspired by Ancient Knot-work is now available at Here is the back cover copy:

Coloring therapy might be a new buzz word but the idea of coloring to reduce stress isn’t – Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist had patients color in pictures 100 years ago. Various forms of decorative knot-work have been used for centuries. From the intricate cording of the Chinese to the illuminated manuscripts of the Celts to the wildly imaginative carvings of the Norse, these patterns of lines have provided an endless source of fascination. Digital Weaves combines these two ideas into one book that soothes the mind. It uses the newest digital technology to create stunningly complicated artwork inspired by the knots of old. Ease away your stress and tension as you indulge your inner artist.

New Coloring Page

crayonsI’ve gathered together some of the coloring pages I have done over time. You can see them by clicking the button in the menu or just click here. I do take requests – and I do commissions – if you’re looking for something in particular. Drop me an email.

Viking Valentines

ValkyrieValentineAlright, this is not accurate, let’s just get that out of the way from the start. Vikings didn’t go in for the whole winged helmet thing. I know that but the artist in me keeps pushing the researcher out of the way. However, this was a lot of fun to make  and I wanted to share it with you all because of that.

Click on the image to the left for a larger version. If you scroll down you’ll find a black & white version in case you prefer to color it yourself. There is also one pre- sized for printing and folding so you can make your own card and give it to someone you love.

If you are looking for something a little more historical I would suggest reading this post about a 900 year old runic inscription that translates to “kiss me.” It is pretty cool and the pdf article that explains how they decoded the runes is fascinating as well. You could also check out the Valentine’s post I did in 2013.

Have a fun holiday. I hope everyone is keeping warm and safe as yet another winter storm stomps through the Eastern US. We got about 8 inches of snow with a nice layer of ice to top it off. Luckily we still have power, though. I really feel for the thousands of people having to face this in the dark and cold.



Hammer of the Gods Coloring Page

Hammer_coloringI drew this hammer as a detail for the cover of my next novel Valda Goes Through Hel. The whole artwork is still very much a work in progress but I was happy enough with the way this part turned out that I wanted to share a version of it with you. You can print it out and pass it on to your kids, or go ahead and color in yourself. Enjoy!

My Little Sleipnir

MyLittle SleipnerI don’t know what to say about this week’s Norse-inspired mash-up. I’ve talked before about ideas that pop into my head and this was one of them. I just have to work it out in order to go on to something else. I am not saying I didn’t have fun making this little coloring page – it was fun. It just happened to be one of those ideas where even I am wondering “how does he think of these things?” Print it out and give it to the kids, or color it in yourself and have some fun.

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