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5 Artists Rocking it with Dwarfs

You folks know I love Dwarfs and I love art so here’s is a post of 5 artists who are rocking the Dwarven world. They are done in a number of different styles. These just happen to be some of the folks who have posted stuff that has caught my eye lately.  Let’s have at it (in no particular order.)

1. Moh Z. Mukta

This is just a work in progress but it already has a ton of visual impact.  So much going on that just brings the eyes right to the center of the page: the blur on the outer areas; the lighting; the color values. Also has some great use of texture.

2. Alexis Dumortier

Something about this picture was just speaking to me. Maybe it’s because I’d love to have a couple dozen of these printed up in plastic so I could paint them.  It’s interesting how simple shapes can capture so much character.

3. Cwalton73

Check out this artist’s work for a ton of male and female Dwarfs. They have some nice linework and a ton of detail in their work.

Dwarf Guard


4. Conorburkeart

Nice atmospheric work with this one and he made some great choices with the color palette.

Dwarf army


5. Carlos Ancot

Here we have a ton of personality coming through. This is definitely a rugged female Dwarf, yet she still has a feminine quality about her.

Female Dwarf


Do you have any favorite artists you want to share? Give them a shout-out in the comments.


Dwarf on the Wharf

I’ve been seeing entirely too much of those beardless, spying elves all over the place. It is high time we started celebrating the much cooler, less privacy invading hero that we all deserve – The Dwarf on the Wharf!

Hulk Smash

Because sometimes I get an idea in my head and I have to make it before I can do anything else.hulk smash

Love Can Be a Knotty Thing

hearts2015It is Valentine’s Day – time to keep up the tradition and post a holiday-themed page of color-able knotwork pattern. The page is sized to fit 8.5×11 paper. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image. Feel free to share this page with those you love.

Knots on my Brain

winged swordI’ve been cranking out a lot of knotwork patterns lately – nearly 3 dozen as a matter of fact. It’s all part of what I hope will be a coloring book that comes out in 2015. An element in one of the patterns I created reminded me of a wing. I started playing around with it tonight and worked up this design. I think it would make a nice pendant – what about you?

Happy Holidays!

tree_weaveIt has been a crazy busy season for me – I work part-time at a big box store unloading trucks and there has been literal tons of stuff to unload lately. I’ve also been doing some craft work for stuff over on my Etsy store and working on a whole bunch of knotwork style pictures for a coloring book project that I hope to pull together in the coming year.

But for right now I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday. I was up in the wee hours of the morning and put together this coloring page that you all can feel free to print out and share./ I hope the holidays and the new year find you and yours happy and healthy!

DeAfinitely Awesome Shirt

I have a new shirt and print design up for sale over at Society 6. Great for showing your deaf pride.

Digital Knotwork Coloring Page

free_weave1Here is another of what I call my “digital knotwork” pieces for you to print and color. I always find it very meditative to work on these pieces and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Knotwork Dragon

dragonflame3One of my goals for the year is to bring a more organic feel to my art. That’s not the easiest thing to do considering most of my art is created in vector programs. So I have been lugging a sketchbook around with me and trying to draw more during my lunch breaks. I have been drawing a lot of dragons lately and trying to model them after some of the animals in old Norse knotwork. (I can also see some Aztec/Mayan influence in there as well.) I did a quick color and ink job on one of the sketches and wanted to share it with you all. It is rough but I think I am heading in the right direction.

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