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Viking Round Shield

I’ve been a bit under the weather and surfing a lot. I had to share this video where Dark Horse Industry Arts shows how they made a sweet-looking Viking round shield.

A Knotty Question

gotlandCan any of you pass along some good references for Norse knot-work? I have a great book on drawing Celtic style knot-work but was wondering if there are any good instructional books for the Norse version. I suspect they might be more popular in the Scandinavian countries. My local librarian did help turn me on to THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS OF SCANDINAVIA in the Pagan Time by Hans Hildebrand. I’ve only leafed through it so far but it looks promising. However, I’d love to see more.


When Fenrir Ate the Sun

Okay, I haven’t been in the habit of posting links, but this one is so cool that I wanted to share it. This isn’t a strict interpretation of anything from the sagas and I don’t know any of the story behind what is really going on. But this is a visually cool piece of animation depicting a monstrous dog eating the sun. Enjoy.

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