Here is a little bonus artwork for the week. I’ve been sticking with the Norse-themed stuff for the most part but this doodle really wanted to be made. From past experience I know that you just have to roll with the muse sometimes and get these things out of your head and out onto paper if you want to get anything else done. So here she is – Supergirl.

I have had a longtime love of comic books from back in the days when my mom would walk me down to the corner store so I could buy a comic with my allowance. I don’t read as much mainstream stuff these days, preferring different indies for the most part. But not too long ago I bought my son a copy of Art Baltazar’s Tiny Titans and loved it. I’ve also been enjoying the Super Best Friends Forever animated shorts done by Lauren Faust for Cartoon Network. If you would like to see more comic character artwork let me know.

Posted by Mark Neumayer

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