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A quote from Geri

Geri quoteOdin has two wolves called Geri and Freki. When I made them characters in my first book I didn’t know how much fun it would be to write their dialogue. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Geri.

Hulk Smash

Because sometimes I get an idea in my head and I have to make it before I can do anything else.hulk smash

Teaser revealed – Vinyl Stickers for sale

teaserThis is what I have sitting on my analog workspace right now. Vinyl stickers made from my original designs. I’ve started adding these to my Etsy shop. The raven is 4″ wide and the hammer is 4″ tall but I will be developing other sizes as I go along. Check them out and if there is something in particular that you are looking for, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Limited Time Free Book Offer

ValdaTBOpromoI am giving away the e-book edition of Trial By Ordeal, the first book in the Valda & the Valkyries series.

If you’re looking for a heart-warming story about a plucky heroine – this is it. If you’re looking for a light-hearted romp with the characters and creatures of Norse mythology – this is it. If you’re looking for an adventurous tale loved by boys and girls of all ages – this is it.

And for a short time it is my gift to you. Click here!

Digital Weave – Work in Progress

weaveWIPA work in progress snapshot of my latest digital weave. Trying to up the complexity a notch or two. I’m happy with the results so far but, man, this is going to hurt once I start breaking strands and working them over and under each other

Scareflake – DIY version

I made a simplified version of my skull scareflake that you can make for yourself with a printer, paper and some scissors. Basically you will fold up a printed sheet and cut along the gray lines. You need to be close to the lines but don’t worry about being totally exact. Ready? Let’s go!

That is not a blank space up there! I used light gray lines so that they won’t show through the back of your finished paper. This first file is the one you need to print out. Download it to your computer and then print it at full size onto a piece of letter sized paper.

Get your printout and scissors ready.


Fold your paper in half the long way. Make sure your edges meet evenly and that the gray lines are on the outside of the paper.


Now fold the paper in half vertically. Again, make sure the gray lines are on the outside of the folded paper.


Here’s the last fold. Fold the bottom short edge so that it meets the longer side edge at a 45 degree angle. The picture shows this better than I can explain it.


Start cutting along the printed gray lines.


…and cutting…


..and cutting…


Cut out the eye-hole last. Just cut straight along the gray line and work your way around the circular part.


Unfold the finished piece.


Almost there…


You did it! Now make some more.

Scareflake: Skull Edition

scareflakes_skullsFollowing on yesterday’s post, here is another version of what I am calling my scareflakes. This one has an Incan vibe to it and I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.

Scareflakes: Ghost edition

scareflakes_ghostsI started playing around with the idea of snowflakes that incorporate different elements of Halloween and have found it to be quite addictive. You’ll find a different one here each day as we lead into the holiday.

I also convert these files for my Cricut machine. We’ll be cutting a bunch of them out of cardstock and using them to help decorate the house for our annual party. Should be fun!

Digital Weaves invades The Hive

The Hive in downtown Gastonia is now selling copies of Digital Weaves, my coloring book for adults. I am really happy to be partnering with such a cool store. They sell lots of local products: tons of stationary; art supplies; and all kinds of cool gifts. You can even pick up some bars of my wife’s soap there, too.

New Coloring Book

DigitalWeavesThe little coloring project that I was working on is finally ready to go. Digital Weaves: Vector Graphic Coloring Pages Inspired by Ancient Knot-work is now available at Here is the back cover copy:

Coloring therapy might be a new buzz word but the idea of coloring to reduce stress isn’t – Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist had patients color in pictures 100 years ago. Various forms of decorative knot-work have been used for centuries. From the intricate cording of the Chinese to the illuminated manuscripts of the Celts to the wildly imaginative carvings of the Norse, these patterns of lines have provided an endless source of fascination. Digital Weaves combines these two ideas into one book that soothes the mind. It uses the newest digital technology to create stunningly complicated artwork inspired by the knots of old. Ease away your stress and tension as you indulge your inner artist.

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