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My Little Sleipnir

MyLittle SleipnerI don’t know what to say about this week’s Norse-inspired mash-up. I’ve talked before about ideas that pop into my head and this was one of them. I just have to work it out in order to go on to something else. I am not saying I didn’t have fun making this little coloring page – it was fun. It just happened to be one of those ideas where even I am wondering “how does he think of these things?” Print it out and give it to the kids, or color it in yourself and have some fun.

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  1. Cool idea! Odin never knew what happened… 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Knot Magick and commented:
    My eldest loves MLP-FIM … I wonder what she’ll make of this.

  3. Your drawing gave me the idea to crochet a, “My Little Sleipnir.” Can’t post a photo here but it is on this blog post of mine, with suitable attributions to you and the owner of the original pattern. It was a lot of fun and I’m loving the cuddly result.

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