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Valda & the Valkyries is an ongoing series that takes you on a wild ride, galloping through the people and places of Norse mythology, while throwing in plenty of twists and turns that stay true to the spirit of the sagas. The series is suitable for readers of all ages who are looking for a light-hearted, adventurous story.

(Please note: Trial by Ordeal and Dwarves Remember! were previously published as the single volume Valda & the Valkyries.)

smallTBOValda Trial By Ordeal

Valda isn’t like the other Dwarf girls. She wants to live her own life, not the one Dwarf society says she has to live. She aches to travel outside the tunnels of her mountain home and see all the wonders the Nine Worlds have to offer.

When an accident reveals that Valda has hair made out of real gold everything changes. She is swept up to Asgard, the home of the gods and turned into a Valkyrie. It’s everything she ever dreamed – at first. Too bad she’s separated from her friends and family, the other Valkyries resent her being forced on them and if she doesn’t complete her Trial by Ordeal her entire family will be banished to the icy cold waste of Niflheim.


smallDRValda Dwarves Remember

Valda is a young Dwarven girl who dreamed of escaping her stifling home beneath the mountains. Now she’s a Valkyrie, a servant of the Norse gods with great powers and her own flying horse. She still has to complete her Trial by Ordeal but Valda’s confident she can do it and save her family. That’s when Loki, the Trickster, takes an interest in her. He has a scheme to steal the memory of everyone in the Nine Worlds. Unknown to her, Valda is an important part of that plan. There’s just one thing Loki forgot – Dwarves Remember!


smallVGTHValda Goes Through Hel

The young Dwarven girl Valda is finally and truly a Valkyrie. She has earned her place as a servant of the Norse gods. She is finally free to travel beyond her ancient mountain home. That’s when Odin sends her on a mission that brings her straight back to her ancient mountain home.
There she discovers Draugr, the zombies of the Norse world, are threatening the city. Her search for the person behind this threat takes her all the way to Hel, the land of the dead. She can at least be grateful that Loki isn’t the one behind this deadly plot. Then she learns that the Trickster is the only one who can help her stop the undead threat. How can she find her biggest enemy and convince him to help her?


  1. Why did you chose the name Valda?

    • Hi, that is a great question.

      I chose the name Valda for a couple of reasons. First, it is a Germanic name and I thought that was appropriate because of the roots that Norse mythology shares with the Germanic people. Giving her a name with German roots also helps her to stand apart from the more Norse-inspired names of the other Valkyries.
      Just as importantly – I really like the sound of the name. It flows nicely and it translates as meaning “power” or “ruler.” I liked the way it conveys a sense of strength while still being feminine. That certainly fits a girl who has no need of any hero to rescue her.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. When does the next Valda book come out?

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for asking. I am in the process of plotting out book four in the series and I am really excited about it right now. It will be called Valda’s Wyrd and I am shooting for a June pub. date.
      Our feisty little Dwarven Valkyrie is in for another wild ride and we’ll also find out what happened to Hrulfgar. You’re going to learn just how far Valda will go to help her friends.
      Stay tuned to the blog for more updates.

  3. Valda is what I meant but autocorrect changed it.

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