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In Norse mythology one of Odin’s many names is raven-god. He owes that to these two guys, Huginn and Muninn. Their names mean Thought and Memory and every day they fly around the world seeing what they can see before returning to bring their news to Odin at the end of the day. Ravens are popular in Norse art. You can find a number of images that show the ravens perched on the back or arms of Odin’s throne.

A passage from Grimnismal in the Poetic Edda has Odin stating:

I fear for Hugin, that he come not back,

yet more anxious am I for Munin.

That passage got me to wondering what would happen if Munin/Memory did not come back? What would happen if someone stole our memory? I ran with that idea a bit in my first book.

This week’s artwork was inspired by a gorgeous raven brooch that can be found on this page. I riffed a little on the design, adding some more knotwork.

That’s it for now. More superhero kawaii goodness coming up this Saturday.

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