Spent some very enjoyable time at the local comics convention yesterday with my lovely wife and our young boy. It’s a big show but it was a very nice crowd. We only found out about it on Thursday so we just had Friday to get together some appropriately geeky stuff to wear. I made a couple quick t-shirts for myself and the wife (Avengers for her, Ultraman for me) and worked up a little Thor costume for Taliesin. It was his first con and he had a great time asking all the other cosplayers to pose for a picture with him. (I mentioned how nice the crowd was, right?)

I met Kerry Lyn Thompson in Artist Alley and had her do a quick sketch of the main character from Valda and the Valkyries. It was nice to meet her and I am really happy with the artwork. I think I’m going to have to make it a habit to have different artists do a sketch of our Dwarven Valkyrie.