My posting rate slowed down during the holidays because I was working on a few things for friends and family (and working a ton of extra hours at one of my two jobs.) I couldn’t show you any of that stuff until everybody got their gifts, but I wanted to share a couple of things now.


First of all, I am a big Doctor Who fan. So are my wife and one of my best friends John and his girlfriend Marge. So I made some miniature Tardises (Tardi?) that can be used as a fairy door or fridge magnet. They are about 7 inches tall and I made them mostly from bass wood. Standing next to the Tardis in the photo is the little something extra that I made for my wife – a Weeping Angel. This was made from a Polly Pocket doll I got at the store, with a hot glue gun for the details on the wings and the hair. I got the idea from this blog except they used a Barbie doll and I had to make allowances for the size difference. The Weeping Angels are in my favorite Doctor Who episode of all time – Blink. Yes, I know they appear again in a more recent episode, but that episode wasn’t nearly as good as the first one. Blink did not need a sequel.



My friend Lyn has been a huge help with editing for my first book and she was foolish enough to come back for more with my second book, too. As a small token of my appreciation for the huge help she has given me I created this mini-poster and printed it out for her. It features Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman. He was immensely smart and funny and Lyn is a fan of his books so when I came up with the idea this was a no-brainer. Science! Yeah!

We also redecorated my son’s bathroom with an Angry Birds theme so I did a couple of paintings for in there. Then there was the custom superhero logo shirt I made for a nephew and some other odd stuff. A lot of things to make, but a lot of satisfaction for me in making people happy, so it was all definitely worth it.

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