out-there2I’ve always found it very relaxing to create knot-work on the computer. I just get lost in the act of creating the intricate over and under weaves. One of the best parts of doing this digitally is the ever-so-sueful undo button. You better believe I get a lot of use out of that when I am creating some of these more complex pieces.

When I woke up this morning the full moon was shining brightly in a clear, cold sky and that Wolf Moon put me in a mood to make some art. I found this particular piece already started in one of my computer folders. I had laid out the basics of it years ago but for some reason never went ahead and finished it off. So I finished it up, redoing the very center but keeping the rest of it the same.

Instead of coloring this one right away I wanted to share it as a black and white image so those of you who wanted to could color it yourselves. Enjoy!

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