I am a bat-fan. I’ve been one since I was a kid, following his adventures in the comics and watching reruns of the 60s TV show. But I think some of the best stories and visuals came out of Batman: The Animated Series. From the opening of the show and it’s objectivist art influences to the half-noir/half-deco city to the amazing, yet elegant,  character redesigns, this show hit so many homeruns.

One of my favorite redesigns is the one Mike Mignola did for Mr. Freeze. I have to admit I thought Bruce Timm did the design until I was doing research for this post. In retrospect it makes so much sense because I love this version of Freeze and I love Mignola’s work. (In a weird ,moment of synchronicity I had been toying with doing a kawaii Hellboy this week or possibly a character from Disney’s Atlantis – both of which have designs by Mignola.)

The classic B:TAS episode for Mr. Freeze is Heart of Ice. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini took a long-time villain and gave him a brand-new back story that was filled with gut-wrenching drama. The episode won an Emmy and all kinds of acclaim from fans and critics alike. It deserves every bit of it.

My version of Mr. Freeze is based on Mignola’s design with one small change. As much as I loved this work, I just never liked the purple gloves and boots. I suspect the color choice might have something to do with it being an animated character. Perhaps the color was needed to help the hands and feet read better visually. Whatever the reason that is the only small, small quibble I ever had with this great design.

Posted by Mark Neumayer

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