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Viking Movies

The Vikings with Kirk Douglas

The Vikings with Kirk Douglas

I was in the mood for watching a Viking movie and stumbled across this list . I could share with you some of what they say but instead – just give them a visit. The list is well-written, funny and intelligent. Highly recommended.

The Vikings of Bjornstad‘s List of The Top Ten Viking Movies

Draugr are coming!

Draugr are the Norse version of the undead. (They play a rather prominent role in my third book Valda Goes Through Hel.) I’m surprised the draugr don’t receive more attention. With the success of Walking Dead and all things zombie it seems a natural,┬ábut that is starting to change. Case in point – Swedish film makers┬áKarin Engman and Klas Persson are starting work on a film called Draug. It has a way to go before it reaches theaters but the sizzle reel looks like they got the creepy part of the myth done right.

Discovered via Dread Central

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