book_of_swordsThis is going to be a very short and sweet review. The Book of Swords by Hank Reinhardt is an incredibly good read for those of you interested in the history and development of pointy things. The major selling point of this book for me is that it reads like a friendly conversation. You get the feeling of sitting around a table while a man who has devoted most of his life to studying blades shares his knowledge with you. Yes, he rambles from time to time (as he admits himself) but all of those ramblings are just as interesting and informative as the rest of writing. I have read a great number of books on weapons and the history of arms over the years but this one has easily become my new favorite and taught me a few things I didn’t know.

If you’re wanting something dry and scholarly, keep looking. Some of Reinhardt’s theories are nothing more than guesstimates, based on a lifetime of study, but still guesstimates. However, he also actively tested his theories, hacking and slashing with replica weapons to find out how they really worked.

It is a shame he died so soon but it is fortunate that we have a book like this to share his life’s work.

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