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Take a smart kid with his nose constantly in a book. Teach him to write. Teach him to draw. Teach him to make things. (Thanks Dad!) Walk him down to the corner drug store so he can buy a weekly comic. (Thanks Mom!)  You get a guy with an overactive imagination. You get a geek who loves to make stuff. You get me.

I’ve lived in New York, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Currently I live with my wife Theresa and son Taliesin in North Carolina, where I am working on the next book in the Valda series.


  1. Great blog! As a danish viking re-enactor, I found it both entertaining and educational. I do fightshows and viking jewelry. Feel free to take a look at my hoard:)
    This is my viking group

    • Thanks for the kind words. I checked out both of those links. You have some very neat items for sale and the Viking group brings back memories of my days in the SCA (a medieval recreation group I was in back in my college days.) I still have a chainmail shirt that I made myself somewhere around the house.

  2. Hey found your site via My Little Sleipner, which turned up while on a google image search for ravens. (Go figure!) I’ve book marked the first book to buy when i work out if my kindle is giving me headaches or not! Your tribute tribute to your brother is lovely. Ps. another ex-SCAer here. 🙂

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