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Odin_posterYes, it is Thursday and time to post some Norse-inspired art, and no, the piece I gave you a sneak peek of last week is still not done. There are times when producing art is a battle with self-doubt and right now I am not winning this particular battle. There are also times when you have to realize that a particular piece of art just isn’t coming together and set it aside. That is where I am at with the Viking axe artwork I was creating. I still think it is a cool concept, but my artistic skills aren’t yet at the level I need to pull this off.

However, I did not want to leave you all empty-handed. (Or would it be empty-screened?) I was playing around with some ideas of a holiday gift for a friend of mine and the inspiration struck me to throw together this little piece. The Hope poster meme is a bit old but I felt doing something with Odin is particularly appropriate at this time of year since many scholars argue for him as the original model for Santa Claus. I’ve never seen a one-eyed Santa but considering how artists have messed up by giving Vikings horned helmets for all of these years it is not that hard to imagine them messing up on the number of eyes as well.

Happy Holidays!

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