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Happy #Thorsday! It is also #tbt so here is a coloring page I designed almost 4 years ago. Sometimes I get these strange ideas in my head and I have to draw them. Follow the link in my bio, click on the image and print it out for your kids to color and enjoy. Or color it yourself. #coloring #fun #mlp

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Happy #Thorsday ! Going to see Thor Ragnarok today with my wife and son. I was sharing some of the details of the Ragnarok from the sagas. My son was amused by Naglfar, the ship made from the toenails of the dead. We decided that detail probably won’t be in the movie. But hey, you never know. #thorragnarok #Thor #Norsemythology

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Cosmic Flow coloring page

I haven’t shared a coloring page for a while so here is one of my latest pieces. Just click the link below to get a printable pdf version of the entire artwork. I’ve been developing this style for over ten years. It has obvious roots in Celtic and Norse knotwork but goes off in a direction all my own.


Happy #Thorsday! Today’s image is cropped out of a larger panel in Wizard’s Issue 0 of The Avengers, one of those specials they used to insert in their magazines. Art is by Stuart Immonen and I thought this bit right here would make a perfect reaction image as well. #Norsemythology #Vikings

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Happy #Thorsday! I went digging through the big boxes of back issues and pulled out this gem by Walt Simonson. This was just a little teaser image at the bottom of the letters column of Issue 363 of The Mighty Thor. (Kids, ask Siri or Cortana or Bixby what a letter column was. I’ll wait.) #Norsemythology #Vikings

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Happy #Thorsday with another scan from my big boxes of back issues. Great art by John Romita, Jr. but I admit “By Hela’s kiss of death” sealed the deal. #Norsemythology #Vikings

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Happy #Thorsday! Here is a panel showing Dave Wenzel’s work from The Avengers Issue 177, waaay back in 1978.

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At the Speed of Light (scifi book review)

Let’s start off by stating I received a free copy of this book to review and I’ll be handing out some spoilers down below..

There is some good writing and some interesting ideas in this novella by Simon Morden, but ultimately the overall experience left me feeling unsatisfied for a number of reasons.

The story starts with the main character waking up not knowing who or where they are. This is such an overused opening that most every book on writing tells you to avoid it. Usually an author does this as a vehicle to explain everything. That is not the case here because the main character is popping back and forth between two different realities while struggling to decide which of them is “real.” As you work your way through this and try to solve the problem with him you then discover it doesn’t matter – neither reality is real. No, wait. They kind of were both true but not really. Confusing? Yes, it is. I almost stopped reading at this point.

So we have shifted into the actual reality of the book now. The events of the beginning were actually the dreams of an A.I. Now that the dreams are over we shift into a more cold calculating person for the MC. The whole tone of the book shifts. It feels like two different stories cut apart and Frankensteined together. There is an explanation further along that lays out the reasons for why this all happened but, while it makes some logical sense, it stills doesn’t flow as a story should.

There are a number of typos in the book. Something this short should not have a half dozen mistakes in it.

Finally, the story ends on a cliffhanger. While I would have been interested enough to read on to another chapter, I wasn’t engaged enough that I will hunt down more of the series. (I am assuming this is a novella released as a sort of prequel.}

Ultimately, all of this added up to leaving me with a general feeling of dissatisfaction and no desire to seek out more of the story.

5 Artists Rocking it with Dwarfs

You folks know I love Dwarfs and I love art so here’s is a post of 5 artists who are rocking the Dwarven world. They are done in a number of different styles. These just happen to be some of the folks who have posted stuff that has caught my eye lately.  Let’s have at it (in no particular order.)

1. Moh Z. Mukta

This is just a work in progress but it already has a ton of visual impact.  So much going on that just brings the eyes right to the center of the page: the blur on the outer areas; the lighting; the color values. Also has some great use of texture.

2. Alexis Dumortier

Something about this picture was just speaking to me. Maybe it’s because I’d love to have a couple dozen of these printed up in plastic so I could paint them.  It’s interesting how simple shapes can capture so much character.

3. Cwalton73

Check out this artist’s work for a ton of male and female Dwarfs. They have some nice linework and a ton of detail in their work.

Dwarf Guard


4. Conorburkeart

Nice atmospheric work with this one and he made some great choices with the color palette.

Dwarf army


5. Carlos Ancot

Here we have a ton of personality coming through. This is definitely a rugged female Dwarf, yet she still has a feminine quality about her.

Female Dwarf


Do you have any favorite artists you want to share? Give them a shout-out in the comments.


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